Social Responsibility

In the development stage of a project, it is strategically beneficial to include the voice of your stakeholders in design and development. This creates a sense of ownership, ensures that the project meets their needs and provides creative input and strategies that may not have been considered. Their integration, whether it is in the creative process or as en essential part (ex. manpower, supply chain, etc.) of the project, also reduces the risk of opposition.

In conjunction with its strategic partner SEquilibre, Inc. (, FEF is pleased to provide the following services in the areas of corporate responsibility in order to help and provide added value to our clients, minimizing their risks and maximizing their investments.

  • Social and Environmental Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plans
  • Strategic Planning & Sustainability Roadmaps
  • Stakeholder Identification and Mapping
  • Stakeholder and Community Dialogue
  • Perception Studies & Needs Assessments
  • Inclusive Businesses Strategies (supply chain)
  • Communications “Tool Box”
  • Benchmarks & Case Study Development
  • Custom Designed Emblematic Projects