Project Recovery

Project Recovery Services are applied when projects are behind schedule, over budget, objectives are being compromised, personnel are not being effective, there are discrepancies in project status or conflicts are deterring progress.  It is not advisable to wait until the point of disaster to evaluate a project that is suspected to be in trouble. The earlier the project is put on the right track, the sooner it will be completed and the lower the overall costs will be.

FEF offers on-demand Project Recovery services to quickly and effectively get complex projects back on track, providing objective opinions and working as part of the project team to help identify opportunities for change and improvement.  FEF can do this by providing interim project/program management services or as a third party consultant providing gap/risk assessment and mitigation, value engineering and/or process improvement recommendations, among others.

After initial assessments have been made, FEF leads negotiation processes to arrive at acceptable changes to scope and resources, final delivery, transition, and closedown if necessary, trying to maintain or improve key elements and minimize disruptions. The end result is improved effectiveness and processes and quality projects and programs that are meeting or exceeding stakeholder’s needs and expectations.