Occupational Safety and Health

The development and maintenance of preventive safety and health cultures and a systems management approach to occupational safety and health are key in achieving sustained decent working conditions and environments.

In regards to the construction industry, FEF focuses on risk analysis and prevention, anticipating the possible conditions and situations that could affect workers and hence the development of projects. In addition, FEF assumes a leadership role in ensuring that all project team members including owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers and other consultants unite efforts in providing a controlled environment to ensure compliance of Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulations.

FEF experts are knowledgeable in the principles and provisions necessary to design, implement, provide training, enforce and manage OSH systems and programs.  FEF provides the following services in OSH:

  • Evaluation and/or preparation of risk analysis
  • Evaluation and/or preparation of occupational safety and health plans
  • Evaluation and/or preparation of domestic violence protocols
  • Field Inspectionsfield inspection to ensure conformity and point out possible deficiencies with OSHA laws and regulations (state and federal) and special project conditions
  • Coordination of required project meetings related to security or compliance of security plans 
  • Trainings in the different areas of occupational safety and health for compliance with OSHA regulations in regards to work performed on/at: scaffolding, extreme heights, small spaces, stairs, etc.
  • Development and/or evaluation of rigging plans
  • Operator Certifications for the use of lifts, skytracks and heavy equipment
  • Courses (10 and 30 hours) for security in construction with registered certification by OSHA at a federal level.